Cider's Stronghold in Strongbow

September 11, 2017 Juvy Dichoso

For a crisp, refreshing bite of apple in every bottle, reach no further than Strongbow Cider.

With its English roots, Strongbow has more than 125 years of cider-making experience behind it. It’s no wonder it’s the number 1 cider brand in the world.


On Guam, Strongbow has quickly become the leader in its league, offering a few extra flavors of an experience beyond traditional brews and spirits. “Ciders offer a nice, easy-to-drink experience," Jessica Leon Guerrero, brand manager at International Wines & Spirits, says. "It's a little on the sweeter side compared to other alcoholic beverages."


On the market, there are other apple-flavored products that can be confused with cider. Just as in its non-potent form, cider is created from a mash and press of ripe apples. The extracted juice and sugars are then fermented to develop flavors. It's a process more like winemaking's fermentation rather than the brewing process in beer, which is made from malt. The key ingredient for cider is apple.


Strongbow's placement in the Guam market is strategic, as IWS is keen to market trends and evolving palates. "When we look at this newer generation of consumers, they've been brought up into a world with so many options," Leon Guerrero says. "They may like wine, they may like beer, and they may like spirits. Now we're offering cider into the market, and it's a whole new category."



In its arsenal, Strongbow produces quite a few flavors, and IWS currently distributes three.

Now available include Golden Apple, Honey, and Berry that can be bought at different island retail stores. More recently, Strongbow has made an appearance in bars on tap. 

"When we look at how the market is, we know people enjoy new things, and they like to experience new flavors," Leon Guerrero says. "There's room to grow with the varieties on Guam."


If your bottle's ice-cold, Strongbow's apple essence flows easily over your palate. It's equally as juicy and sharp over a glass of ice, perfect to relieve you from Guam's blistering heat.


"It's also a very unique product because it actually comes in a 4-pack, and you don't see a lot of 4-packs in the market," Leon Guerrero says. "You can buy all three [flavors] and do a nice cider share with your friends."




"It's also a very unique product because it actually comes in a 4-pack, and you don't see a lot of 4-packs in the market.”

                              —Jessica Leon Guerrero, International Wines & Spirits Brand Manager

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