Get the Best Last-minute Deals on Hotel Rooms

July 12, 2017 Juvy Dichoso
One of the things that frequent travelers try to get as much value-for-money for is the place they would call home during their trip, and that usually means a hotel room. Unlike in the past where you need to shell out a king’s ransom just so you can enjoy the perks and privileges of a proper hotel, today, as experts have pointed out, you don’t have to overpay for a great stay. Here are some great tips for booking a room:


Make It Business

If your trip coincides on a weekend or during summer months, make sure to book at business hotels as these periods are usually slow for them, which means they can provide you great deals and even lower prices. This is especially true if you’re traveling within Europe.


Corner the Corner

A corner room will usually give you more square footage for the same price, and there’s apt to be a better view outside your windows. Also, if you’re upgrading to a corner room, make sure to ask the front desk quietly especially when there are other guests waiting to be assisted.


Book Directly

Forget about the 800 reservation numbers, call the hotel directly, as their staff will have a better knowledge of their occupancy and therefore offer an upgrade when possible. Being friendly with the staff won’t hurt either, especially if you’re planning to book with them on a regular basis.


Bring Out Your Credentials

While not 100% proof, showing to the hotel that you are active on rating websites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, or if you’re a social media influencer, or even a staff from a magazine can also tilt the odds in your favor to get additional perks.


Hit Two Birds with One Stone

Not always, of course, but booking your flight and hotel together can sometimes yield great savings.


Be Alerted

Websites like and Kayak offer signups for alerts when hotel prices start to drop. This takes the hassle out of frequently checking online.


At the End of the Day

This is the best time to check in if you’re looking for an upgrade since hotels by this time will have a better idea of their occupancy. This gives them a better position to offer upgrades that are still available.


Wait at the Last Minute

Take note that a hotel’s cancellation period usually falls between 24 to 48 hours in advance, which is when rooms at lower rates become available.


Use the Apps

Make your mobile gadget work for you by downloading apps like Hotel Tonight that can get you great, last-minute discounts on room. The app, on the other hand, offer loyalty members access to a secret prices section where you can get room for $200 and under even during peak times.

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