Beachfront Dream Comes True

May 22, 2017 Duane Pahl

You begin to vigorously rub your eyes, but are not sure where you are! All that you know is that you’re still in your dream! You begin to feel warmth on your back and notice the faint scent of salt coming from the sky. As your focus clears, you see Puntan Dos Amantes and the Tumon Bay Reserve. You glance around to the south, and see Oka point, as well as tropical fish jumping from the clear, blue water into the air, next to the Peskadot with their Talaya.

When you finally awake, a wide smile forms from ear to ear because you are considering purchasing this amazing beachfront penthouse with its fantastic views.


Welcome to La Stella Maris.

Beginning your dream tour off of the master bedroom ceramic tiled deck, you can barely comprehend that the size of the patio is close to 2,000 square feet with 180-degree views of the Pacific Ocean. You’re amazed and excited at the opportunity to entertain guests on such a wonderful space. Large glass windows and sliding doors welcome you back into the master bedroom and master bathroom. Not only are the enticing closet doors custom-made, the bathroom has been completely redone as well, allowing natural light and space to greet you every day.

You notice yourself looking back at the master as you progress to the stairs, beaming like a child because the room is so amazing. You still cannot believe that this building in the complex only has 12 units. Such an exclusive community to be a part of, and its Fee Simple.

By the fourth step down, you can see the high ceilings and statuesque design of the penthouse. As you continue on your way, you are delighted to see living spaces that are so clean and modern with a touch of European class. The formal dining and living spaces look out to the deep blue, and you are thankful that your goal of finding a condo with living space that is over 2,000 square feet is almost realized.

To be in a dream must also include having a dream kitchen. This space offers the gourmet the opportunity to prepare meals to their creative delights. Completely redone, it offers high-end stainless appliances, softly colored granite counter tops, and well-placed lighting—exactly what you’ve always wanted.

From the kitchen south, you enter a long, open hallway, which passes another beautiful, redone bathroom. This in turn opens up to a junior suite bedroom and a fourth bedroom perfect for your home office or yoga studio.

All in all, this 4-bedroom, 3-full bathroom condominium unit is indeed a dream come true. Yours for just $1.8 million, come and experience this one-of-a-kind Tumon treasure.

Reserved parking, additional downstairs storage, secured entry, and beach access are additional perks of investing in this exclusive opportunity. For further inquiries or a private tour of this home, please contact Duane Pahl at 689-7777 or email him at

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