Let's Get This Show on the Road

May 22, 2017 Alex Gatpandan

Perhaps, the main reason people prefer to ride motorcycles instead of cars especially on long journeys is that feeling of utter freedom that comes with being so close to nature, with the wind whipping through your hair and the outdoor smells engulfing your senses. Adding to the experience is the powerful roar of the bike’s engine as your mean machine eats up the miles. It’s simply transcendent.


Of course, everything is predicated on the notion that what you’re riding on is a machine of perfection—sturdy, comfortable, powerful—designed to be your ideal companion on a long journey. If you’re planning to take that trip and is on the look out for the bike that would fit your needs, here are a few that might catch your fancy. Known as touring motorcycles, these beasts are guaranteed to give you the greatest pleasure covering the distance.




Weighing 944 lbs., this V-twin tourer is enormous, and it’s designed so as it’s built to cover long distances on big, open roads. Offering comfort for both driver and passenger, the Roadmaster features leather seats, rich paint, and a copious amount of chrome that screams of old-school luxury. But then, it’s also high-tech, with an infotainment system that includes GPS and awesome sound. Power comes from its 1811cc V-twin that can generate almost 100hp.



When you want to cover distances really, really fast, then this sport tourer should be the proper prescription. Powered by a 1301cc V-twin, the Super Duke GT can rumble up to 173hp. Yet, its quickness is but one of its better features, as it also packs in a comfortable design and ample luggage.



Packed to the hilt with features that include shaft-drive, cruise control, wind protection, ride modes, and cornering ABS, the XRT is the cream of the crop of Tiger Explorer’s different variants. Its 1215cc inline triple power plant will keep you well ahead of other machines on the road.



With its mighty 1753cc engine that produces that deep, iconic rumble that only a Harley v-twin can muster, the Road King certainly lives up to its name. Sporting the brand-new Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine and updated suspensions, the classic tourer also features a rerouted exhaust and repositioned catalytic converter, which means the passenger at the back won’t feel the heat, literally.

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