Introducing ONE - Bundle plans from DOCOMO PACIFIC

April 20, 2017 Ana Vuki

DOCOMO PACIFIC is back with a new service that will transform your television, mobile, online and home telephone experience. 

ONE is Guam's most advanced quad-play offer that includes the award-winning television entertainment system, TiVo. Tivo is a platform that offers a seamless entertainment experience.

See the system features below!

Online speeds just got a lot faster with  ONE. Triple-digit online speeds will be introduced, taking it from 75 Mbps to 100 Mbps. 

You can now combine Guam's fastest online service with the island's widest 4G LTE mobile network.

Each ONE plan is simple and worry-free! 

Along with TiVo, all ONE plans will also include:


A mobile app that allows you to view, share, and manage your phones with one plan. 

Device Replacement

You can replace your phone up to two times within a 12-month period for $150 per claim. This is a DOCOMO PACIFIC Exclusive!

Access to DOCOMO PACIFIC WiFi Hotspots throughout the island!

Remote Support  

Real time technical assistance, no matter where you are!

To learn more visit DOCOMO PACIFIC or call 688-2273.

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