A New Legend is Born

March 18, 2017 Staff Writer

The latest offering in the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Guam Legend Series features the iconic Two Lovers Point—also known locally as Puntan Dos Amantes—a place that has become a symbol of true love. Legend has it that a young Chamorro couple leaped off the cliff rather than accept the forced marriage of the young woman to a Spanish officer.

It was only fitting then that the bottle design depicting this tragic love story was unveiled on Valentine’s Day, the time for celebrating true love. The bottle is the second in the Guam Legend Series, and was designed by local artist Ron Castro, the chairman of the Visual Arts committee for the 2016 Festival of Pacific Arts, and his brother Ric Castro, an accomplished artist and professor of Fine Arts at the University of Guam.

(From left) Ron Castro, designer of the Two Lover's Point Guam Legend Series bottle, General Manager of IWS Guam, EJ Calvo, Brand Manager, Jessica Leon Guerrero and Lt. Gov Ray Tenorio launch the newest bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label at the Two Lovers Point Chapel.

The Two Lovers Point theme is one of four Limited Edition designs inspired by the values and deep-rooted traditions of the people of Guam. Each story portrayed in the Guam Legend Series is individually curated to represent a different part of Guam, and each unique design features island narratives that speak from the heart and soul of the island people.

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