Zubrick: Master Illusionists

December 26, 2016 Staff Writer

For the first time in seven years the SandCastle has launched an all-new show called Zubrick. It marks just the fourth new production in the 26-year history of the dinner theater and entertainment venue.

“It’s very expensive, it’s over a million dollars so we try not to do it very frequently,” explained SandCastle owner Mark Baldyga about the new show.

“We wanted to blend together the best of all the past shows. This time, other than the magic, there’s a lot more going on that’s different than what we’ve done before. It’s much more contemporary, it's edgier, it’s just kind of a different style than anything we’ve done before.”

The show is named after the duo of master illusionists Chris and Ryan Zubrick, who began doing magic tricks from the age of five while growing up in Michigan. Their co-stars in the show are a pair of one-year-olds, orange Bengal tiger Caesar and white Bengal Takara. 

“The show is very contemporary. We have excellent magic, and large, grand-scale illusions. We have Chinese acrobats, beautiful showgirls, and plenty of tiger illusions. We have five or six appearances of tigers, and one of the most impressive ones happens with the audience surrounding the illusion, and a tiger appears in a chamber full of smoke with the audience surrounding it, so it’s really impressive and gets a great reaction every night.”

The creative team behind the production of Zubrick includes Baldyga, who is executive producer and director; Christopher Childers, who has worked with Madonna and Cirque du Soleil; and Tim Clothier, an illusion designer for David Copperfield.

Baldyga said the illusions featuring tigers have become a trademark of the SandCastle productions, and the Zubricks said they are happy to have them.

“It’s amazing. You know we almost take it for granted because we’re around them every day. But we’re always reminded how grand and majestic and beautiful they are. And it’s just a pleasure to share the stage with them. It really is,” Chris and Ryan said.

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