For the Love of Romance

December 19, 2016 Leilani Techaira


If you were to ask David Cruz what motivates him in his life and career, he will tell you one word: “love,” that mysterious emotion we are constantly looking to define, and redefine, for ourselves. For David, his journey to that definition has led him to be on the TV show The Millionaire Matchmaker, create the blog “Finding Cupid,” become a journalist, and plan for his wedding. Whether it is helping people find their match, writing love letters, watching romantic comedies, or attending celebrations of love, Cruz is a “romance enthusiast” in every sense.

The turning point of his journey started five years ago when he moved to L.A. Cruz was experiencing heartbreak and was in need of change. One night, while he was inside a downtown bar enjoying a night out with friends, a woman approached him. “She asked me if I was single and dating,” remembers Cruz. “She said there was a matchmaker, and that I fit the criteria of one of their clients, and if I would be interested in coming in and answering some questions.” After a series of meetings Cruz was asked to appear on The Millionaire Matchmaker show as one of the daters. It was the first time he met the show host Patti Stanger, but it would not be the last.

Although Cruz didn’t leave the show with a match, he did walk away with a network of support. Fans of the show had reached out to him to share similar experiences with dating. Listening to the dating struggles of others and being in a city with a fair amount of heartbroken and jaded people, he felt it was time to fight for love. “I wanted to create a space in the world that genuinely believed in love,” explains Cruz. It was at that point that he decided to create the blog Finding Cupid.

He had worked in the corporate fashion world for a number of years, but Cruz desperately wanted to reconnect with his writing. He saw the moment as the perfect time to get back in touch with one of his passions. “I feel that’s (writing) where I was born,” he says. “Where I have felt the happiest.”

On the website Finding Cupid, you will find everything that revolves around dating and relationships, from advice to gift ideas. Since its start, the blog has grown to include other relationship topics, as well as spawn a radio show. Its success has not gone unnoticed. Three years after his first appearance on The Millionaire Matchmaker, Cruz was approached by Patti to join her expanding team. “It was a very scary moment, and I think back to that time at the bar, and if I hadn’t said yes to that girl none of these things would’ve been set in motion,” says Cruz.



The show has since moved to a new network and can be found on WeTV under a slightly different name, Million Dollar Matchmaker. With a new season comes new ideas, and Cruz, along with Patti and their team members, has decided to bring a different focus to the clients this season. They’ve enrolled them in a surprise boot camp at a resort lined with hidden cameras. “All of us have been on these dates,” says Cruz. “We have been these daters, and at the core of the show there is solid dating and life advice. At the end of the day, we all have a common goal to find happiness.” They hope to get to the root of the individual client’s issues. They want to help them become the best versions of themselves in the name of romance.

Romance, for Cruz, is “being someone who is present.” Looking at how the meaning has changed with the generations, he reflects on the impact that the rapid growth of technology has had on modern day romance. “We’ve lost the ability to be present, communicate, and ask questions. You will find the majority of people behind their phones. We have forgotten how to sit down and get to know one another,” he explains.  

Finding Cupid continues to expand to more radio stations, and as the TV show settles in, Cruz is finally able to plan for his wedding in January. He looks to people and their stories to stay inspired. Taking bits and pieces from the lives developing around him, he finds wisdom “in a world that desperately needs love in it; everyday people are my inspiration,” says Cruz. “If they can find happiness, that’s a battle that was well fought and well deserved, and it keeps me motivated.”


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