Lexus: A Guam Luxury Auto Favorite

December 18, 2016 Staff Writer

Why do you think the Lexus brand is so popular among Guamanians?

We believe the Lexus Brand is so popular because the Atkins Kroll brand is the most trusted and most reliable brand on island. All the brands under the Atkins Kroll umbrella are backed by an unparalleled level of service, and matched by a customer experience that is world class. At Lexus we try to raise this level of service and we believe that experience is why customers find our brand to be the best.

How would you describe the brand and its appeal?

Lexus is the number one luxury automotive brand on island. We appeal to people from all walks of life. From fathers wanting to surprise their daughters to husbands wanting to treat their wives, there is a vehicle and a driver that we can match our cars to. We have automobiles that satisfy men who desire that need for speed, and families who want that world-class safety.


Who is the typical Lexus owner on Guam, and how would you describe them?

Lexus owners come in all forms. They are owners who demand the best safety, service, reliability, comfort, and ride. We have a great mix of local customers, as well as international customers who call Guam home. All our owners demand the best, and it is our pleasure to provide them with that. We work every day to improve the customer journey.

Explain the history and evolution of the Lexus brand on Guam.

This year we are celebrating 25 years of Lexus on Guam, and in collaboration with this celebration we have amazing deals on all our vehicles. The brand has evolved in so many ways over the years, but the most notable changes in the last several years have been its more edgier style and sporty look. The brand has maintained its luxury while widening its customer base, and this is something we truly pride ourselves on.

How does the brand keep up the consumer interest year after year?

Lexus does a great job of staying at the cutting edge of trends in the automobile industry, as well as trends in the world in general. Just last month Lexus became the official automobile sponsor of New York Fashion Week with the theme to the event being #howfashiontravels.  

What can we expect from Lexus in the future?

Today we have a new brand manager and new sales consultants to add to the already established team here at Lexus. With the company’s vision of always staying ahead, the team is excited about finishing the year strong, and we look forward to the new projects we have in store for the coming years.

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