Flying High at The SandCastle

November 21, 2016 Staff Writer

The Hebei Acrobats Flying High at the SandCastle

The SandCastle continues to present outstanding entertainment to the residents and tourists on Guam. The SandCastle is famous for presenting large-scale shows for the past 25 years. As a part of the last two productions at the SandCastle, “Dream” and “Zubrick”, The Second Branch of The Hebei Acrobat Group have been the special Guest Stars of the shows. The Acrobats perform unbelievable physical stunts that are thousands of years old, in a very contemporary setting.

I took a closer look at the stars of the show, who are these extraordinary performers and where do they originate? Wuqiao County in Hebei Province of China is the answer. Wuqiao County, in Hebei Province of China is the birthplace of acrobatics in China. The Hebei province has more than 2,000 years of history in developing the Chinese acrobat art form. The Hebei Acrobat Group of China is a national acrobatic performance group and there are 16 branches including The Second Branch of Hebei Acrobatic Group of China.

The Second Branch of Hebei Acrobatic Group of China has produced than 100 exceptionally talented acrobats over the years.  The Second Branch of Hebei Acrobatic Group has been invited to visit many countries to perform under the name of Hebei Acrobatics Group of China. Their performances have left audiences around the world breathless and amazed. What’s truly incredible is that you can see them perform nightly right here in Guam at the SandCastle!  

I took a few minutes to sit down with the lead acrobat, coach and performer, Qiankun Liu, to ask some questions about the group and performing on Guam.


 Do you enjoy being on Guam?

Yes, I really enjoy the life on Guam, the air is fresh, people are nice and I love the food here! But I miss my family very much, hope they can visit me for vacation, I would like to take them see how beautiful it is on Guam!


What does it take to perform in a show like this every night?

 We have two shows every night except Wednesday and Sunday. We get to work before 6:30PM and have a short meeting every show day at 6:30PM, and then we will do the safety inspection, check props and make sure everything safe and in good condition. We also do a body warm up and stretch before each show.  I love my job as a performer so much, even though we are performing the same show every night, the audiences are different, we need to be thankful and respect our audiences and put 100% effort into doing the show like it’s my first time to do it every time.


How often do you train and rehearse?

Rehearsals will depend on what is needed for the show but at least 3 rehearsals each week. We warm up the body before the show and keep in practice every day. When we do not have to rehearse the show or practicing routines, we do work out like running, weight training and swimming at the pool right downstairs at an apartment.


 How old were you when you started training?

I am turning 33 years old and I started training when I was 11 years old! Wow, 21  years already, I almost spent all my time for my acrobats’ career. Many Acrobats  start training at a young age some as early as 5 or 6 years old.


How do you stay in such good shape?

Thank you for saying so but I don’t think I have a really good shape, I need do more    work for my muscles. I think food and exercises are very important. We do not     really eat fried food. We eat noodle soup and rice, also we eat lots of veggies and meat. The most important is, I drink tea. Tea is really good for flushing your body.   


Do you get nervous about doing the acrobatics in the show?

Not at all, I get used to it.


 What is your favorite part of the show?

I like our SandCastle new show, more energy, more fashion and I found audiences     really love our new show, everyone should see it. If I really need to say what my  favorite part is, I think Chinese Poles.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to play internet games on laptop and FaceTime with my daughter almost every day, I miss her so much. Also, we have BBQ with other acrobats, drinks on weekend sometimes.  We go to grocery shopping once a week and like chilling at  Tumon beaches sometimes. 


It was a pleasure to meet with and learn more about this very interesting group of performers. The New Show “Zubrick” at the SandCastle is a great show for the entire family. This is certainly a show you don't want to miss the performers are incredible.  The SandCastle is currently offering fantastic local and military specials. Call the SandCastle box office at 649-7263 for more information and to book your tickets. The show runs Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday through Saturday. 


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