Cleaning Out Your Closet

September 11, 2016 Staff Writer

Let’s face it, when it comes to the different parts of your abode, your closet probably gets the least love. After all, it’s the last place in the house that you would let your guests poke their heads into. Be that as it may, making your closet as tidy as possible can do a lot of wonders to your general sense of well being, believe it or not. Knowing exactly where everything is will lessen your stress especially in the morning when everyone’s getting ready to go to work or school. And just like a clean office table that makes your daily tasks at work easier to do, so does an organized closet make house chores feel like a breeze.

So how do you unclutter your closet and make it like you’re entering a department store every time, where everything is placed in easy-to-access sections? These simple and easy tips should get you started towards a closet makeover that you and your family will appreciate.



Look for Negative Space

Small closets have the built-in (no pun intended) disadvantage of offering less room for all your stuff. But if you look closely enough, you’ll find unused spaces usually at the top and bottom. When you do, plan on how you can add shelves and hooks that can accommodate your things.


Recreate Drawers

A freestanding drawer unit or dresser can be placed underneath short hanging garments such as shirts and blouses. Its pullout drawers can serve as bins for socks, undies, folded jean and sweaters, or even shoes.


Use Decorative Boxes

They give life to even the drabbest closet, and make excellent storage for hard-to-wrangle accessories such as scarves and clothes that are not used often.


Get Uniform Hangers

They tighten up a closet quick and easy, making everything look quite streamlined and neat.


Separate in Sections

At the risk of being branded as an OC (obsessive-compulsive), it will do well for you to section clothes by type (shirts, pants, etc.) as well as color-coordinate them. Not only does it make your closet visually appealing, it also makes putting things back where they were easier and quicker.

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