Open Season

July 5, 2016 John Calvo

Theres nothing like the feel of the wind in your hair or the warm rays of the sun on your face as you cruise to your summer destination, whether it’s the beach, the mountain, or anything in between. The best way to answer the call of the open road is, of course, through an open convertible, that unique street beast that delivers practical transportation and playful recreation. What makes it even better is that today’s models come with either a folding metal top (for those who need to feel that their car is secure) or the traditional fabric top that now comes with multilayer insulation from weather and road noise. Ultimately though, it’s not the type of roof that makes the convertible the best car you can bring for your road trip, but the freedom it gives the rider to enjoy the great summer weather. Here are some of the best roadsters out there.

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