Personalize Johnnie Walker Bottles for Dad

June 9, 2016 Victor Calvo


Island Wines and Spirits is partnering with local Johnnie Walker retail outlets to provide a special service for Father’s Day. This Father’s Day consumers will have the opportunity to personalize their bottle of Johnnie Walker. Simply purchase one of these selected Johnnie Walker bottles at our participating retail outlets and receive a complimentary bottle engraving to gift your father. To purchase your Father's Day gift please visit any Payless Supermarket, Cost-U-Less, and Circle K/76 locations to learn more about personalizing your next bottle of Johnnie Walker for Dad.




Earlier this month Johnnie Walker Blue Label launched their Guam Legend Series. This collection was created to capture the essence of the historic city of Guam, rich in heritage and complexity like Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The first bottle released for the Guam Legend Series is based on the Legend of Sirena the Mermaid. The Sirena bottle is one of five different bottles that consumers could purchase in order to receive the complimentary engraving service by Island Wines and Spirits.


Words from the CEO of Island Wines and Spirits, EJ Calvo on the Guam Legend Series:

“A meaningful connection to heritage and a history of success underpins JOHNNIE WALKER products all over the world,” says General Manager of IWS, EJ Calvo. “Island Wines and Spirits’ collaboration with local artists Ron and Ric Castro continues that tradition. Today we draw inspiration from Guam’s cherished legends and in doing so present the island’s artistic talent on the global stage.”

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Guam Legend series.

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